Creating, Modifying and Removing Roles

Created by josh
July 19, 2020 11:49:25 AM PDT (Revised July 19, 2020 5:48:36 PM PDT )

Roles are loosely established user groups used to associate types of users to various permissions within the application. In settings, roles allow certain users to access and modify workflows and configuration of the website.

By default, the administrator role is created through the setup process and is automatically assumed with the very first registration. The administrator role is the super-user of the site with access to every feature controlled by the settings.

To create a new role, the creator user must be part of a role that allows adding new roles (see Settings Management in /admin/settings/). Simply supply the role name and description, and this new role will appear in places where restrictions may apply - such as settings and content management.

To modify a role, simply change the name or description of the role. To remove a role, click archive next to the corresponding role name. The editing/removing user(s) must be part of the role that allows settings to edit roles and archive roles, respectively.