Content Iterations

Created by josh
July 25, 2020 10:26:01 AM PDT

Every time a page has been edited and saved, a new iteration of that page is available and succeeds a previous iteration. As a user with Edit Content privileges, content publishers can access previous iterations, then preview that particular iteration, use the diffing tool to compare that version with the next iteration, and revert to a particular iteration if needed. Every time an iteration is saved, it is listed at the bottom of the editor. The current version is highlighted in yellow. When saving an iteration, a message can be optionally saved with it to summarize the change that was made. These notes are visible in the list alongside the iteration.

In a future version of Gaseous, a user will be able to preview a current, unsaved iteration and diff with a different iteration instead of only its predecessor. There will be more consideration around the UI of these features as well.