About Gaseous

What is Gaseous?

Gaseous is a PHP/MySQL content management system designed to build full scale website applications.

Achieving SEO quality should not require extra plugins or heavy reconfiguration. Gaseous provides built-in SEO features on an easy-to-use platform, prioritizing usability, performance and security. Administration is highly flexible and configurable. Various settings in the Settings Management panel allow fine-tuning of core application configurations and workflows. For developers looking for even more flexibility, much of the core functionality is extendable through "expansions", where themes, administrative features, cache handling and public facing content can be manipulated through your own custom PHP code.

Why Yet Another CMS?

Gaseous takes a fresh look at how web development and content management should work. While implementing SEO standards into your website used to be difficult, Gaseous produces webpages with many SEO best-practice features automatically. These features include:

  • Schema.org's structured data vocabulary embedded through microdata and JSON-LD
  • Real-time updated XML sitemap using the sitemaps.org protocol
  • Automated asset minification and compression
  • URLs and redirects are automatically managed along with page hierarchy to maintain pattern consistency
  • Canonicalization of page URLs


There are a lot of exciting features that users and developers can expect.

For administrators and content publishers:

  • Role-based user management
  • Highly configurable site-wide and role-oriented settings
  • Intuitive inline editor for accurate rendering of page as you edit content, packed with rich text editing features, and other content customization options
  • Editors for iterative CSS and JS customizations, to allow additional style and script functionality for the site
  • Easy-to-manage URL redirects and automatic consistency management
    • The back-end uses this system to auto-correct and properly redirect moved URLs
  • Apache-rewrite-rule style URI routing
  • Interactive website menu builder that provides drag-and-drop nesting of menu hierarchy

Gaseous CMS Editor In Action!
The content editor renders an accurate version of the page you're editing to give you an interactive preview of the page. In fact, here's a screenshot of this page being edited - right before this screenshot was uploaded!

For developers:

  • CMS functionality and system templates are powered by the Smarty Template Engine, which provides a unique foundation for dynamic content and advanced security features
  • Development follows MVC development patterns and PSR coding standards, keeping progress more streamlined and easier to build on
  • Extending core functionality is intuitive and doesn't require any fancy new skill-set - "expansions" can override or modify the behavior of core functionality through normal PHP class libraries and may include Smarty templates, other PHP scripts, etc. Documentation coming soon!
  • Interaction with the database is implemented through extended PDO classes, which offer query building methods for clean, convenient development.

Settings Example
URI Pattern Route Management

Settings Example
Highly configurable settings allow granular control over roles and provide a easy-to-read code editor for more advanced template settings.

Settings Example